Introducing Securabyte — An autonomous yield and Liquidity generation Protocol.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is changing the way people interact and see finance through the open blockchain technology. In a remarkable time of life, every common person has the power to put their money to work no matter their social status or income basis. We are very determined to add value to the DeFi ecosystem and that is exactly why we’ve taken a leap to ride along with you on this long yet profitable journey.

Securabyte protocol

What is Securabyte Protocol?

Securabyte protocol is a autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. No need to provide liquidity to receive rewards. Securabyte have a multi-functional system which gives staking, farming and Liquidity provider rewards without staking or providing liquidity.

Simply hold $SBYTE (Securabyte) in your wallet and you will get rewarded.

On each transaction Securabyte protocol automatically distributes rewards to holders and auto-locks liquidity.

Securabyte combines yield farming,staking, liquidity mining and governance rewards in a single system with doing anything.

Securabyte protocol is built to reward holders while increasing in both value and liquidity.